Zimkids Christmas Appeal 2021

Hope, Joy and Peace this Christmas

In spite of covid, this year we have had the joy of enrolling 80 new families, across our Epworth and Hopley communities. Your Christmas donation could bring HOPE, JOY & PEACE and give these new families the kick-start they need as they begin and exciting journey to a brighter future.

Mavis' story

Mavis is a 39-year-old Mother of three, living with epilepsy. Mavis currently lives with her brother who supports her and the children since the breakdown of her marriage. She also works as a housemaid.

HOPE for Mavis is knowing her children can connect with other children, step out of their day-to-day struggles and have fun together. Something she sadly didn't experience growing up.

£20 could ensure Mavis' daughter, Tilda, can attend our next camp where she will make friends and have fun!*

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Mary's story

Mary is a 38-year-old Mother of four, living in a one-roomed house in Epworth. Mary has been widowed twice and suffers with severe arthritis meaning she struggles to work.

JOY for Mary is becoming part of a community where she is loved, supported and welcomed and for her daughter, Ellen, to be enrolled onto our life skills programme so she can have opportunities Mary could only ever have dreamed of.

£30 could enrol Mary onto our nutritional farming project - the start of a journey to self-sufficiency!

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Chido's story

Chido is a 36-year-old mother of five, living in rural Mutoko. Chido has been selling tomatoes to try and provide for her children since her husband left 5 years ago.

PEACE for Chido would be knowing she can finally afford school fees for all her children and the assurance that they will receive the education she never had the chance to have.

£50 could pay for Chido's daughter, Rudo's, stationery & textbooks so that she can finally attend school.

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Thank you gift

When you donate to our Christmas appeal we will send you a beautiful Christmas wooden decoration with gorgeous African fabric for you to keep or send on to a loved one if the donation is on their behalf.

tree dec tree tag tag blue

* We will use your Christmas donation to ensure all our newly enrolled families can benefit from our programmes.