Summer Steps Challenge 2021

zimkids summer steps ff

Sound like something you'd be interested in? Then, let's get started...

Step 1: Donate your £20 here (or £30 if you'd like us to post you a branded t-shirt for you to wear as you trek!) After we receive your donation we'll send you an exclusive link so you can join our group to start the race to the finish, sunny Harare!

Step 2: Create your account with 'World Walking' online. Once you receive our invite to the group you can set up your own account and download 'Word Walking' app here to start tracking your steps/jumps/cycle route/runs - it all counts towards our total miles . Alternatively if you already use a Fitbit or something similar, you can sync it with world walking so your steps will be banked.  

Step 3: Get moving! Remember to take your device everywhere you go so each step is monitored and can be banked onto our total...after all 18,394,369 steps will take a few trips to the loo and back!!

Step 4: Tell your friends you've embarked on this amazing journey to Zimbabwe and encourage them to sponsor your efforts. All donations can be made on our joint fundraising page here. 

Step 5: Be encouraged! Your participation in this team effort will not only keep you and your mind active and motivated over the Summer but every donation received will be sent directly to our projects at your destination, Zimbabwe, where you are now part of enabling families living in poverty to become self-sufficient and have a future filled with hope. We'll be sure to update you along the journey with encouragements from Zimbabwe so please do share photos of you out clocking up those miles on the group page and on your social media pages - remember to tag us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. 

Right, let's GO GO GO!!! See you at the first milestone... 

P.S. Watch out, there will be some exciting prizes along the way for those banking the most miles, the sponsor to get us to a certain amount raised or the person to get us to a particular milestone; but remember you've got to be in it to win it....