What we do



HIV/AIDS is Zimbabwe's leading cause of death; 22,000 Zimbabweans died of the disease in 2018*

Our families are severely affected by HIV/AIDS, trauma and death and live in extreme circumstances. We provide very practical, emotional, spiritual and social support to help them through the desperate situations they face daily. 

*Statistic from UNAIDS



School in Zimbabwe is an impossibility for most, due to crippling costs and cultural pressures to send children to work

We provide basic literacy and numeracy on the ground in every community we work in using local women who we train and equip to become township mentors.

We also pay a percentage of children's state school fees and provide uniforms and supplies to ensure they can take formal recognised exams as they grow older and move on to higher education if they wish.



Unemployment in Zimbabwe is at an all-time high of over 90%

We train families in sustainable farming methods and ways to maximise the use of any land they have. We mostly focus on food growing but also facilitate small income-generating projects; chicken rearing, peanut butter production and beekeeping.